3 Reasons Renting is the Best Option for Getting the Best Equipment

Outdoor party rentals

Whether you’re hosting a child’s birthday party, signing a contract for your construction business’s next project, or planning your daughters big day you need the best equipment necessary. Professional equipment rental companies can be the most cost-effective and convenient options for providing you with the resources you need no matter the job or function.

Generally, these companies house a large and diverse selection of everything from party table rentals to commercial equipment tools for rent. Here are three reasons you should think to rent next time you’re in need of the best equipment.

    1.) Cost: The most important reason for the majority of people is certainly the affordability of renting. It just doesn’t make much practical sense to buy a bunch of tables and chairs, or thousand dollar bounce house you’ll only use once. Maybe one other time a few years down the road for the younger siblings recycled celebration effort, but you get the point. Even for a profitable small business, coming up with the money for large purchases of commercial equipment can be a tall task. When you rent you get the newest and best equipment for your scaffolding and scissor lift needs.

    2.) Quality/Condition: When you buy something eventually it’s going to get old and worn down. Avoid getting stuck using outdated equipment you paid a lot of money for at one time and rent as you need. Rental companies are constantly updating their equipment and repairing/refurbishing the stuff they have. In fact, approximately 51% of new construction equipment manufactured over the last couple years has ended up in rental lots. If the quality of the equipment you’re going to need is important to you, but you don’t want to be the one to have to take care of it, rent and let them take care of the maintenance.

    3.) Availability: Renting companies are everywhere and they usually have everything you could possibly need. They also tend to have stockpiles big enough to ensure they always have at least one of everything in stock. It must be working because the revenue of the industry has tripled the growth rate compared to the rest of the economy, according to the American Rental Association.

Renting solutions are a no-brainer for parties and functions, but don’t underestimate the benefits it can have in business. No matter what industry you work in there could be an opportunity to save money by renting things you don’t absolutely need to own.

The construction industry is a perfect example because of the vast amount of different tools and expensive nature of heavy machinery. The rule of thumb in the industry is if you don’t use a piece of even the best equipment 60 to 70% of the time, you should probably be renting it.




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