The Key to a Long-Lasting Septic Tank Is Regular Maintenance

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Having a septic tank instead of being connected to the city sewer system requires a bit of maintenance. In the average household with a septic tank, an inspection of the tank would need to be completed about every three years. The frequency depends greatly on the household size, the size of the tank, and the efficiency of the tank. Unlike other houses with clogged drains, it’s not always possible for homes with a septic tank to call up their local plumbing service. Instead, it’s necessary to call in a septic disposal service technician.

What to Know About Septic Disposal Maintenance.

It may seem that a septic tank is a lot of work when compared to the sewer system. While this type of system does require some work, it doesn’t actually take up much of the homeowner’s time. Unless the homeowner skimps on maintenance practices. Then there will be problems, but there certainly doesn’t need to be. The trick is to get a head start on the needs of a septic tank before the problems arise.

Maintenance: What Is It, and Why Does It Need to Be Done?

Maintenance is part septic tank cleaning, part making sure the surrounding area is not interfering with the functioning of the septic tank. Septic disposal is clearly necessary because a septic tank filters waste, and it builds up. Clearly, it will need to be removed at some point, preferably well before it becomes a problem. The speed at which this becomes a problem depends on a few factors.

The number of people using the septic tank matters, as more people generate more waste product. Fewer people of course generate less, and therefore may be able to stretch their maintenance and septic tank pumped to every five years while the house with more people may need to schedule their maintenance a bit more frequently, such as every three years.

Scheduling Maintenance: What to Know About Long-Term Septic Tank Care.

A well-maintained septic tank could last 40 years or longer. But what does it mean to have a well-maintained tank? It means that the tank should have been installed correctly, in a good quality concrete and non-acidic groundwater. This upsets some homeowners, as the previous owners may have improperly installed the septic tank and it needs to be moved and/or replaced. The tank of course needs regular maintenance that includes septic disposal as needed completed by a professional technician.

A septic tank does require a certain amount of work. It is important to know what to expect, and to anticipate cleaning and upkeep. This means a maintenance check at least every three years, and the tank pumped at a minimum every five years for very small homes, and more often for more populated ones. When properly taken care of, a septic tank can last a very long time.

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