How your Pool can Increase the Value of your Home

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Pools are popular for a reason. Swimming is one of the most popular activities in the United States for kids aged 7-17, and their parents don’t always shy away either. But pools can be expensive: Between screen enclosures, pool deck resurfacing, and backyard renovations, many people aren’t sure if pools are worth the cost.

They are. They’re especially valuable if you’re considering selling your house. Here’s why.

Sure, pools can be a lot of work, but they are a staple in turning your backyard into a living and entertainment space. The popularity of outdoor living spaces – which often include outdoor kitchens – is skyrocketing. Imagine being able to throw a party in your backyard and have everything covered: food prep in your outdoor kitchen, swimming in your in-ground pool, and maybe even relaxing in your hot tub.

That’s a reality for a lot of people and it’s a huge selling point in a house. Studies suggest that adding an outdoor kitchen has a return on investment of over 100% in a typical house. It adds thousands of dollars to a home value in the current housing market.

But maybe your backyard isn’t ready for all that – maybe it needs a tune-up. In-ground pool liners typically last between five and twelve years, so you’ll want to make sure that’s taken care of. To further the household update and increase the value, consider a pool deck resurfacing project. If your pool deck is wood, it’s not much different than cleaning a deck. If it’s concrete or stone, it takes a few more steps, but is still a doable project if you’re comfortable with a pressure-washer or a shot-blaster. If the sound of “pool deck resurfacing” scares you, it’s an easily outsourced project.

If you go through these processes – the deck, the pool, the outdoor kitchen, and more – you’re increasing the functionality of your home in addition to increasing the value. If you’re looking to sell, you’re happy about the value. If you’re not looking to sell, you now have a more functional house. That’s a win/win. At this rate, you’d only be keeping up with the Joneses. Houzz, a home design, remodeling, and decorating company, ran a survey which found that more than 50% of respondents were planning updates to their yards to increase entertainment space.

Keep up. It’ll make your house better.

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