How to Clean Your Deck and Gutters

Gutter guards

Do you take a look at your yard and realize that some repairs need to take place? Do you have overly dirty gutters or ones in desperate need of gutter replacement? Do you have to clean a painted deck and don’t know where to start? When cleaning is vital and you finally find the time, you want to know where to start and how you can get the best results to make your house look spiffy all over again.

Starting With the Gutters

Many people take care of the inside of their houses, but neglect some of the most important aspects on the outside. With busy lifestyles, people are constantly coming home from work, going inside and kicking back. Unless you spend a lot of time in your garden or outside, you may not take notice to some of the things that have been happening to your gutters – such as what builds up inside of them. People fail to realize that, though gutters are strong in many ways, they can become weak without proper care. This happens all the time when rainfalls wreak havoc on a system, leading to intensive gutter repair. An inch of rainfall may not seem like a lot, but it is when it leads to thousands of pounds of water going through the system and threatening to break your gutters apart.

Having your gutters cleaned occasionally will keep everything looking sleek and running properly. Preventing serious blockages is of utmost importance, so remember to clean your gutters and downspouts twice per year. This will help your gutters stay as good as brand new for a long time, as many will last from 20-50 years depending on what they are made out of.

Cleaning Your Painted Deck

Whatever you do, don’t forget your deck in the mix! If you want to clean a painted deck, it will require focus and the right tools. Because a pressure washer could take the paint right off in a matter of minutes, leaving you surprised and disappointed in the results, you can use a push broom to scrub the deck and end with rinsing the deck with a garden hose. No matter what cleaning solution you chose will wash away and you’ll beam at the results as you realize that your deck looks brand new. You never want to clean a painted deck vigorously, without keeping the integrity of the paint in mind.

House care here and there will keep the outside of your house looking and feeling as good as the inside. Caring for your gutters and painted deck will have the neighbors looking your way and asking, “How did you do it?”

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