Tips and Tricks to Prepare for a Hurricane

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Everyone is aware of the damage a hurricane can cause: periodically, news stations announce the arrival of an incoming storm, thousands flee from the storm zone, and cameras document the destruction that is left behind. And yet, with hurricanes becoming an increasingly common phenomenon in the eyes of many, it is easy to forget that this destruction can easily happen to you. Don’t believe me? Studies show that hurricanes kill more people than any other kind of storm.

Approximately five hurricanes strike the U.S. coastline during an average three-year period. Of these five hurricanes, two are major storms with winds over 110 mph. The fastest recorded hurricane had winds of approximately 200 mph, but any hurricane can reach 40,000 to 50,000 feet into the air. This means that any hurricane has the potential to have serious consequences for both your family and your home. If you and your family live on the coastline, the most important question you can ask is “how do you prepare for a hurricane?”

If you’ve found yourself wondering “how do you prepare for a hurricane?”, you should follow three distinct steps in order to properly ready yourself and your family. The first is awareness: the worst month for hurricanes is September, and the second worst is August. Pay special attention to incoming storms in these months, but also in the off season for exceptions to this rule. Listen to weather reports and pay attention to the news. By being aware of potential storms, you can better prepare for hurricanes.

The second step is preparing your home for a hurricane. This is important in the case of minor storms that you and your family may have to wait out, but also to hopefully reduce damage to your home in the event of a major storm. It is important to buy proper equipment to be installed preemptively or in the event of a coming storm, but the materials best for your home vary from house to house. For example, there are numerous types of storm shutters for windows, ranging from accordion storm shutters and aluminium storm shutters to roll down storm shutters and roll up storm shutters. The effectiveness of each type will depend on the location of your home, the architectural style of your windows, and the severity of the storm. Do your research and install this hardware properly.

The third and final step of preparation for a hurricane is to create and implement a hurricane preparedness plan. This plan is designed in advance to handle and escape a coming storm and can include anything from escape routes, places to stay, emergency supplies in your home, etc. It also allows for a wide number of variable situations, from minor storms to major hurricanes.

Are you wondering “how do you prepare for a hurricane?” Have you survived a tropical storm in the past? Ask questions and tell us your stories in the comments below!
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