The Right Glass Doors to Resist Hurricane Winds

The Right Glass Doors to Resist Hurricane Winds

Choosing the right door and glass for your home is important for a unique and bold interior design. Glass doors have become quite popular among interior designers and architects. Using glass enables you to maximize the usage of the available space. Corner patio doors offer impressive flexibility and style.

Glass doors are economical to use. They are also long-lasting and do not stain or lose color. Once you choose to invest in glass, there are several things you should consider. To keep your door and glass in good shape, it is sometimes necessary to get door and glass repair services.

Compared to traditional barriers and walls, glass has several benefits in accessible and open workplaces. Glass creates a whole new environment by allowing natural light to get to the center of the work area. A brighter space makes working enjoyable, improving the well-being of the employees and increasing productivity.

Glass doors convey an excellent corporate image. It is more comfortable talking and walking towards someone you can see. Glass doors facilitate communication. If you’re wondering “What is the cost of large sliding doors?” contact a local company for a quote.

It is a fact that nature will always produce powerful storms and calamities that may threaten human lives and property, and nothing can really be done to prevent or redirect these acts of “nature’s fury.” Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, hurricanes, and tornadoes will always happen, but the good news is that engineers and meteorologists are always hard at work finding news ways to minimize the loss of property and life when such incidents occur. Specialized foundations help keep buildings secure during an earthquakes, and levees can help contain rising flood waters. What about hurricanes in particular? Nothing can stop these devastating storms from forming and arriving on land, but precise meteorology can help a community form and execute an evacuation plan.

And though the building there cannot be evacuated too, the proper construction methods can help keep these structures safer when the storm hits. Glass door systems such as hurricane glass doors can resist winds and wind blown debris, and the same is true of hurricane glass windows. Impact windows and sliding glass doors are of great interest to construction crews, who may use them when building a structure along the Florida coast. Managers may search “glass doors miami” to find local suppliers of hurricane proof windows and doors, for example. A search like “glass doors miami” may bring up many results to choose from.

The Power of Hurricanes

Even smaller hurricanes are quite powerful, and they will bring devastating winds, rain, and rising flood waters that may damage a city or town. This is why meteorologists work hard to study and track them, to better predict where and when these storms will form. What do the numbers show? For one thing, it may be noted that in the 20th century, a total of 158 tornadoes struck in the Atlantic. Florida alone was hit with 57 of those hurricanes, and one of the 20th century’s most powerful hurricanes struck that state. Hurricane Andrew arrived in 1992, and this storm caused extensive damage. Hurricane Andrew also demonstrated how hurricanes can form tornadoes while they are over land, and Andrew in particular spawned 62 different tornadoes.

Trends suggest that now in the 21st century, hurricanes are even more powerful and frequent than ever, possibly due to the effects of climate change and a warming of the world’s oceans. Hurricane Irma, which formed in 2017, may serve as a good example of this. Irma stands as the most powerful Atlantic hurricane on record, and this mammoth storm boasted an incredible seven trillion watts of energy and had 185 MPH winds for 37 hours. This storm devastated Puerto Rico, and it damaged 90% of the buildings in Barbuda and left 60% of the population there homeless. And it is quite possible that a hurricane of this caliber may strike again, so engineers and architects are making sure that today’s buildings can endure such a calamity. This is where hurricane proof windows and glass doors come in.

The Right Tech for the Job

Levees can help contain rising flood waters and elevated foundations can allow flood waters in a hurricane to pass right under buildings. But what about wind and wind blown debris? In many large buildings today, such as skyscrapers or hotels or motels, the windows are a liability, as they can be shattered due to wind pressure or debris. But it’s not an option to simply omit windows, so specialized glass doors and windows will be fitted in. A manager in a construction company may look up “glass doors miami” or “high quality glass doors miami” to find suppliers and manufacturers nearby who can provide these specialized models. This is common along the Florida coast and in the Caribbean.

These glass doors and windows boast tough frames and a glaze system rated at +105/-130, which allows them to endure winds over 100 MPH in strength without breaking. Flying debris may bounce right off them, too. After all, a broken window will scatter glass shards everywhere and shred the building’s interior, and wind and rain get get in, causing further damage. Hurricane shutters can do something similar, made of wood or metal. These shutters prevent windows from breaking on a building due to the air pressure differences that passing hurricanes typically cause.

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