Home-Staging Tips Use Low-VOC Wall Paint and Organic Compounds for the Floors

Side effects of polyurethane fumes

Are you in the process of repainting your home to stage it for sale? Then you may be interested in the results of Zillow’s 2017 Paint Colors Analysis. According to this report, homes with blue bathrooms actually sold at a higher price than those without, which was a surprise. If the house you’re putting on the market has a blue bathroom, it may sell for $5,400.00 more than you expect.

A 2017 interior design trends survey discovered something else that’s interesting and may be trending. Over 33% of their survey’s participants stated that if they were to redecorate their home, they would choose a neutral color palette. Antique white, pale gray, and earth tones are usually considered to be more neutral than others, such as those bold-colored feature walls.

Are you looking for safe paint for the nursery? Then you want to have the walls painted with baby safe paint. The same applies for cribs and other baby furniture. Whether you want safe paint for the nursery walls and any other items in the room, remember that this type of paint is available in a variety of colors. In addition to using neutrals and/or bright colors, you could even have that playful mural that you always imagined.

When you’re deciding on which palette to use throughout the house, it’s even more important to consider the type of paint that you’ll be using. The same applies to the materials you’ll use to paint or otherwise refinish wood floors. This is because studies have revealed that the air quality within a home can actually contain more toxins than the air outside. According to these studies, organic levels can be an average of two to five times higher. When these are inhaled, they often contribute to several different types of health problems.

While individuals of all ages may be susceptible to allergens, children tend to be more so. This particularly applies to those children with multiple allergic symptoms, as reported by Sweden?s Dampness in Buildings and Health study. When children experienced PGE-exposure, they were nearly twice as likely to develop sensitivities to other types of allergens. The study also found that when children’s bedrooms contained PGEs in the top 25%, they were more likely to have the following health issues:

  • Asthma: 100% higher likelihood
  • Eczema: 150% higher likelihood
  • Rhinitis: 320% higher likelihood

Given the above, when you have your home painted, be sure to have your contractor use low VOC paint. Furthermore, since many people have latex allergies, you also want to make sure the paint being used is latex free.

Are you planning to refinish the floors before putting your house on the market? It’s important to note that it will take about a year for many of the VOCs to dissipate. If it’s already been a year since you refinished the floors, then the VOCs should have mostly dissipated. When you need to install new floors or paint your existing floor,s then be sure that your contractor uses an organic compound and VOC-free painting materials.

Once you take care of all the above, you can inform your real estate agent that you took these important steps. Even if the bathroom isn’t painted blue and the rest of the house isn’t painted in neutral colors, this may be a significant selling factor. Furthermore, if prospective buyers are planning to have a family, you can let them know that you used safe paint for the nursery.




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