Exploring Basement Remodeling Benefits for Homeowners and Their Families

Remodeling your basement can help your family in a lot of ways. By expanding your living space, you increase the value of your house and its potential. The basement can be used as bedroom space or in many different ways. But before you make any decisions, look into basement conversion ideas online or in magazines. See what others have done and spend some time brainstorming what you might like to do to your house. Once you’ve got some ideas, figure out your budget and what to expect to pay for different services. If you want to add a bedroom, look into the average cost to build a bedroom in basement. If you’re going to spend a lot of time down there, make sure you know the average cost of finishing basement with bathroom in order to make it a convenient space.

The average cost to build a basement might vary based on your location as well. So it is worth talking to basement remodeling companies before you make any decisions. Get some quotes and suggestions, then choose the company that is best for you.

Remodeling kansas city

When it comes to home remodeling and renovation projects in the United States, business is booming and doing so with a loud bang! After the fallout of the Great Recession and the crushing economic, financial, and real estate blows that it dealt, many Americans decided to downsize and move to smaller homes or stay in their current abodes and improve upon them. And although the real estate market has more than improved and is even thriving in many areas of the country, the devastation of the Recession — now nearly a decade ago — isn’t easily forgotten. As a result, more and more homeowners have decide to improve rather than move.

The majority of home renovation projects in the United States involve bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling jobs, as these are the rooms most often used in a home for both everyday, practical uses as well as entertaining. And with the popularity of bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation jobs, it’s no surprise that new and stunning bathroom and kitchen design ideas are emerging all over the place. From chic, metropolitan style polished concrete flooring, to bold, vibrant colors juxtaposed with artisan style lighting fixtures, to sustainably sourced and repurposed material, new bathroom and kitchen trends are all the rage now.

But what about basement?

Even if your basement is currently creepy, cold, damp, and filled with boxes full of junk you’re struggling to decide whether you want to get rid of or not, it has way more potential than you think. Even if it’s a windowless space, the sky is the limit in terms of possibilities for creating additional functional space in your home. The key to renovating a basement is to treat it just as you would any other room above ground in your home. By going the extra mile to put in just as much gusto and enthusiasm into your basement remodeling project as you would any other room above ground in your home, your basement might just become the most popular room in the house!

Basement remodeling benefits

Although bathroom and kitchen can seriously increase the equity and selling price of a home, basement remodeling can also do the same thing. In fact, basement remodeling projects are often seen as the unsung heroes of home improvement. Even if a basement isn’t repurposed into another kind of living space or room and is simply finished or sealed, this in itself increases the equity of a home tremendously. Not only that, but a finished basement is a safer basement. An unfinished basement is prone to mold and mildew growth, which can be a serious health hazard. Furthermore, water in a basement can also lead to structural damage and can have a negative impact on the integrity of a home’s foundation.

Basement remodeling ideas for modern life

Boomerang kids and in laws

These days the new normal in terms of family dynamics means that young adult kids and aging parents are likely to move back in with their family, which means three generations of a family living under one roof. Often times, family members that move back home, such as young adult kids, are also likely to bring home a significant other, which only adds to the mix in terms having enough space in the house. Finish a basement in converting it into an in law suite or a living space not only means more room and privacy in the house, but it also means bigger bucks for the homeowner come selling time. For additional value, add in a kitchenette or a bathroom.

Family entertainment

Who doesn’t like family movie time or family game night? The basement is the perfect space for the family to get together and catch a movie, play a few games, and entertain each other. And a finished basement that’s been converted into a game room sets the perfect stage for both family and guest entertainment. Adding a dry bar, wet bar, and a bathroom will complete the basement remodeling project and seal the deal.

Home office space

With so many people working from home nowadays, having a home office is important for many homeowners and buyers. A cool, quiet, and finished basement is perfect for a home office.




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