At Least 75% Of Americans Walk On Their Carpet With Outdoor Shoes Cleaning Up Your Home In 2019

Our carpet might be one of the most underrated areas of the home. After all, it is often out of sight and out of mind.

When something in the kitchen breaks, your first instinct is to repair it or replace it as soon as possible. When you window won’t shut right? You’ll spend an hour or two trying to fix it so you can save on your energy bills. Carpets, on the other hand, tend to build up a lot of stains and a lot of dirt through that same ‘out of sight, out of mind’ method. You’re not the only one in the United States that pushes some furniture over that spilled orange juice.

A clean carpet not just looks good: it’s good for your health. Here are five interesting things you might not know about dirty carpets.

The American Carpet Industry Is Doing Very Well

You won’t have to worry about finding good carpet cleaning companies. The American carpet industry is seeing some impressive figures as of late, due in no small part to more homeowners and renters learning about the benefits of deep cleaning. A recent industry study found the American carpet cleaning industry generating $5 billion every year on average. Carpeting also makes up nearly 50% of the American flooring market. You can find professional cleaning services, odor treatment, and installations with the click of a button.

Dirty Carpets Contribute To Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution is much worse than you think. Outdoor air pollution at least has a chance to circulate, but indoor air pollution is often made worse by poor ventilation and dirty carpets. Dirt, allergens, bacteria, stains, and odors build up in carpets over time, with one study finding carpets can hold several times their weight in dirt alone. Dust is made up of dead skin cells and the average person loses up to one million skin cells in a 24-hour period. Getting rid of this takes a method that’s more than just, for lack of a better term, skin-deep.

Just Vacuuming Doesn’t Get Rid Of Most Contaminants

Do you vacuum once a week? Are you always picking things up off the floor? You’ll still need to look into a deep cleaning method. Professionals recommend you vacuum your carpet twice a week to stave off the damage as much as possible, though you’ll eventually need to go in deeper to remove all the dirt and mold that your vacuum can’t reach. It also helps to build better day-to-day habits to keep your home clean.

Walking With Your Shoes Indoors Makes Carpets Even Dirtier

Before you look into cleaning upholstery, jot down a few habits you can try out to keep your carpet from getting any dirtier. It’s common in the West for people to walk around their home with their shoes on, with some even napping on their couch without taking them off. All this does is track the outside inside, making your carpet even filthier than it needs to be. It’s also recommended you clean out stains as soon as they appear so you don’t grow mold. All mold types are proven to be hazardous to human health and can sprout even in unexpected areas.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Should Be Done Yearly

When you’re tired of breathing in filthy air, there’s a carpet cleaning service ready and waiting to help. Studies have shown up to 70% of people say they’ve moved furniture to hide a carpet stain, with another finding 75% of respondents stating they walk on their carpet wearing outdoor shoes. A clean house means clean habits. Deep cleaning your carpet once or twice a year will go a long way in helping you live a healthier life.

Make 2019 your cleanest year yet. Reach out to an upholstery cleaning service and ask about their special offers.




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