A Museum at Home Investing in Contemporary High-End Furniture

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Our homes are where we eat, sleep, and play, but they are also profoundly reflective of our individual styles and, as such, deserve a significant investment of time and thought when it comes to the topic of interior decoration. Many homeowners are choosing to buy contemporary furniture, with a serious focus on design elements, high-quality pieces, and aesthetic originality.

The term “modern furniture” is used when referring to pieces that date from the late 1800s to present. Furniture makers working in the modern style — a widespread movement that also included musicians, designers, painters, and dancers — emphasized a drastic break from previous design ideals.

Surprising combinations of building materials, strong geometrical patterns, and sometimes abstract lines or a discontinuous, intentionally-jarring aesthetic all underlie the Modernist movement. The Bauhaus artists from Germany and the American Arts and Crafts furniture makers were two of the earliest groups who were passionate about what was, at that time, revolutionary art and design.

Modern furniture designers in this century have not strayed too far from the original design aesthetics and revolutionary ideals of the early Modernist designers. Cleanliness, simplicity, quality fabrics that are elegant and often unusual, and a firm commitment to changing buyers’ concepts of what constitutes a quality piece of furniture are all still relevant concepts to the enduring Modernist ideal.

High end contemporary furniture purchases account for a solid percentage of the furniture market, which continues to generate over $60 billion yearly after a brief downward trend after the recent recession. To buy contemporary furniture is to make a solid investment in quality and design; many high end contemporary furniture stores can advise homeowners as to which pieces would look the best in their homes or offices.

If a homeowner wants to buy contemporary furniture
, there are also many websites on the internet that are dedicated to selling top-quality Modernist furniture. But a visit to a luxury contemporary furniture store, with salespeople who are well-versed in pieces’ history and the background of the individual designers, may be their best bet when it’s time to update a home’s interior with truly superior Modernist pieces of furniture.



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