LED Lights and Induction Lighting Solutions Keep Showing Us What’s Beautiful

Halogen bulbs

Whether they are led canopy fixtures, warehouse lighting fixtures with a wall pack light fixture, or headlights for your car, lighting choices can make a great deal of difference in how we see things. What we see and how and when we see it can be vitally important, whether at work or home.

Thomas Edison is said to have given us the light bulb. Since that remarkable invention, lighting has become an enormously important aspect of our daily life. When you account for all of the energy use in residential and commercial buildings, lighting accounts for about 11% in residential buildings and about 18% in commercial buildings.

Introduced by Nicolas Tesla in the 1890s, induction lighting has helped reduce the costs of lighting certain spaces well. Because they do not have filaments or electrodes that can break easily or burn out quickly, induction light units Induction lighting systems have a life of up to 10,000 hours with a high efficacy–60 or 70+ lumens per watt, in many cases.

The lighting solutions you choose have less to do with which type of lighting you desire and more to do with the specifics of a situation. For example, you might be trying to light a warehouse where the lights will be used almost constantly. Going the induction lighting route might be the best choice. In the headlights of your car, the HID headlights might burn 50% brighter, but the led lights will last around 10 times longer. What is the most cost-effective for you?

Given the type of job you want your lighting source to do leads you to consider the pros and cons of that particular lighting source. Roadway light needs to burn brightly and last for a long time. At the same time, led canopy fixtures could be a perfect fit for your outdoor decorating if you want them to have the ability to be dimmed, unlike an induction lamp, which is not dimmable.

Both induction lighting and led lighting solutions are long-lasting and low maintenance. In terms of retrofit choices for outdoor and difficult to access lighting areas, these are the two most common options.

You will find these lighting solutions used in pole lights, street lights, tunnels, parking ramps and garages, and other places where it is inconvenient to change a light bulb regularly. If it is a quality white light you are looking for, no other lighting solutions offer the lifespan of led lighting and induction lighting solutions.

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