A Golden Time for Renovators and Remodelers

Home improvement business ideas

While the pundits tell us the housing market crisis is showing signs of recovery, many people looking to sell their homes are still hedging their bets. And whether they’re trying to improve the salability of their home before it goes on the market or improve the livability of their home as they decide to stay and wait for the market to improve further, the one unifiying factor is this — they’re trying to improve their home.

And that presents a golden opportunity for bathroom and kitchen renovation contractors and franchises.

The home renovation and remodeling industry has been booming. Big-box home improvement stores in the United States make somewhere around $144 billion dollars every year, and employ over 675,000 people. But while that’s fine for the intrepid do-it-yourselfers, what about the large demographic of people who want to renovate or remodel a room, but couldn’t tell a Philips head from a showerhead? That’s right — they’ll need help from pros like you.

Home construction franchise opportunities specializing in smaller jobs such as renovation, remodeling, and upgrading are popping up all over the place. Kitchens and bathrooms, which are the main spots people seek to improve in their home, are the areas that seem to get the most attention. In a not-unlikely coincidence, they are also consistently listed as two of the main factors that influence a homebuyer’s choice when making a purchase.

If you have any skill with cabinetry, plumbing, tiling, or any other of a hundred niches involved in renovation, you can help to fill this growing demand for bathroom and kitchen renovation contractors. If your skill extend beyond those two rooms, then you’ll have even more home improvement franchise opportunities. Until the housing market has truly stabilized, more and more homeowners will be looking to improve what they already have, rather than moving to a new home. And you can be right there to help them. Learn more at this link.

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